Ahh how sweet it is!!

Ahh how sweet it is!! That is how I tend to sum up my life in a few words. Plain and simple, life is wonderful! This site will give you just a sneak peak at my thoughts throughout my life. Love, Mel

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007



Melvyn L. Bennett

September 3, 2003

I took a walk this eve.

The summer sky was black in part;

Clouds were torn drapes, spreading mist.

Golden light split the seams of darkened banks.

The sun grasping hold

Failed to conquer the frothy pleats

Lying low in crimson sheets.

The wind ripped violently at branch and leaf

Too firmly attached to mother tree

To answer the wind’s mournful call:

“Free yourself and with me roar

Through valley and dale forever more.”

And I, walking, felt the tug.

The blast in front;

The shove in back.

And spied beyond earth the cloud

Yield to the wind’s provocative plea:

“Leave your path; come fly with me.”

Desire and temptation crossed my mind.

If the cloud, then why not me?

A calmer breeze whispered low:

“You’re not the cloud, but the tree

Yours is to nurture, not to flee.”